4 Tips for Healthy Freshwater Fish Tanks

Keeping a freshwater aquarium is a fun and fulfilling way of decorating your house or business. Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with the methods used to keep their tank healthy. This has resulted in many fish living in substandard conditions and succumbing to illnesses before reaching maturity. Fortunately, we at The iFish Store have the knowledge and are going to share some tips on how to maintain a healthy freshwater fish tank so that your fish can live long happy lives.

Replace Tank Water Regularly

With time, pollutants and growth inhibitors tend to accumulate in aquariums. By carrying out regular water changes, the minerals necessary for aquarium fish to thrive can be replenished. To do this, you need to regularly replace 25% or more of the water in a freshwater tank with treated tap water. This should be carried out weekly with the water kept at 72-78oF for the best results. To easily regulate the temperature, we recommend you purchase a thermometer and a water heater.

Avoid Overstocking Fish

One of the most important parts of rearing freshwater fish tanks is avoiding overstocking. Fish come in different types, sizes, and personalities. As a result of this, not all fish will thrive in overcrowded tanks. Some fish are too aggressive, too easily startled, or just too independent to fit into communities that are overstocked. Minding overcrowding can help prevent increased aggression and limit the spread of diseases among fish.

Group Your Fish According to Compatibility

With enough food and adequate space, most fish can peacefully coexist. However, we recommend grouping together fish of the same type to avoid internal wrangles that may result in smaller and weaker fish being harmed by bigger and more aggressive fish. Keep in mind that fish are intelligent creatures with their own social structures that should be observed.

Avoid Overfeeding Fish

Different types of fish follow different feeding regimens. For example, bigger fish tend to consume a lot of food but feed less frequently compared to smaller fish. Make sure you do some research before settling on the type of fish you want to keep. This will prevent cases of overfeeding particular types of fish which can result in unhealthy tank environments.
Although rearing fish can be a fun and fulfilling hobby, the general health and quality of life of your fish will depend on the steps taken to properly maintain your aquarium. Use these tips for freshwater fish tanks and ensure that your aquarium thrives. Visit The iFish Store for more information to view the wide variety of fish we have for sale.
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