Your Guide to Swim Bladder Disease

Swim bladder disease is a common ailment that can affect freshwater fish, and it's important to be aware of the symptoms so you can get your fish the treatment they need. At iFISH Store, we are not only committed to offering a large selection of freshwater fish but also providing you with the information you need to properly care for your sick fish. Continue reading to learn more about this comment condition and how to treat it!


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What Is Swim Bladder Disease?

Swim bladder disease is a condition that affects the freshwater fish's swim bladder, which is a sac-like organ that helps the fish control its buoyancy. When this organ becomes inflamed or infected, it can cause the fish to become unable to swim properly and even sink to the bottom of the tank.


Symptoms of Swim Bladder Disease

Abnormal swimming patterns are one of the main symptoms you might notice. This could include swimming upside down, floating at the surface for long periods, or having difficulty correcting themselves if they get flipped over.


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How to Treat Swim Bladder Disease

It is best to start with evaluating and improving the quality of the water in your tank or pond as this is the main cause of swim bladder disease. In severe cases, the fish will need a procedure to release the built-up air. While recovering from the disease, the fish may need to be carefully handfed as it cannot get to food supplies like normal.


Frequently Asked Questions About Swim Bladder Disease

Q: Will my fish die if they have swim bladder disease?

A: In some severe cases, the fish will not be able to recover and may die but with early detection and treatment, most fish will make a full recovery.

Q: Can I prevent my fish from getting swim bladder disease?

A: By keeping the water quality in your tank or pond clean and stable, you can greatly reduce the chances of your fish developing this condition. In addition, be sure any new fish you get are properly transported to help avoid swim bladder disease.

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