Quarantine and Shipping

At The iFISH Store, our top priority is ensuring that we provide you with good healthy fish by following a set process to meet that priority and guarantee live arrival. 


Once your order is placed and we select your fish, they are quarantined for at least 24-48 hours. During this period, we closely monitor the fish to make sure they are healthy.  We also do not feed them during this time in order to 'clean out' their digestive system and limit their ability to soil the water.  This lessens the chance of fish dying in transit due to poor water quality.

Shipping via UPS

Once the quarantine process is completed, your fish will then be packed following our Standard Packing Procedure outlined below.  We then arrange for shipment via UPS Next Day Air at a standard rate of $39.99 per shipment on all orders regardless of size.  Your order will be shipped out the next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or sometimes Thursday (depending on your location) - whichever comes first. In most cases, we do NOT ship Friday or Saturday as these days are quite busy for UPS and we do not want to risk on-time delivery.

 Standard Packing Procedure:

Step 1:

The process starts as soon as we receive your online order. Using a pick list, we go through and select each type of fish in your order and place them in separate containers. The containers help keep your order organized and reduces stress on the fish.



Step 2:

Once your order is assembled and ready to go, we bag your fish. We double bag with this first set filled ~25% with aquarium water containing methylene blue to prevent bacterial growth.  We then fill the remainder of the bag with oxygen and it is tightly closed with a rubber band.


Step 3:

Next, we put the double bagged fish upside down into a third bag resulting in a triple-bag scheme to contain potential leakage and provide extra protection, durability and longevity.


Step 4:

Multiple bagged fish are then secured together with plastic wrap to ensure added stability during shipment.


Step 5:

Bagged fish are then placed in a styrofoam box. This helps insulate the water inside and keep it at the optimum temperature. The inside of the box is lined with newspaper for added stability.


Step 6:

Just before closing up the box for shipping, we determine the anticipated weather in the destination address. Depending on the temperatures, we will add a heat or cold pack to the shipment to make sure the fish stay comfortable during their journey.


Step 7:

Finally, we tightly seal up the box, attach the shipping label and send it out for shipment.



Live Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee that your fish will be delivered alive and healthy.  In the unlikely event that you receive a perished fish, do not worry.  You can choose to receive a refund or receive a credit on your next order.  In order to receive a refund or credit:

  • We require a clear picture of the fish within 2 hours of the first delivery attempt. Email the photo to us at: info@theifishstore.com.  The email must be sent within TWO HOURS of receiving your fish.
  • You also MUST give us a call within two hours of receiving your package at 516.524.6423 to inform us of the issue. 
  • In order to receive the live arrival guarantee, you must be home to receive your fish.  Packages that miss their first delivery attempt must be obtained on a second same-day delivery attempt or collected from the shipping facility on the original delivery date. Packages that are obtained the day after the original delivery date will not be covered under the live arrival guarantee.
  • We do not refund shipping costs.