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The iFISH Store provides a wide selection of aquarium and pond fish for new and seasoned aquarists. Begin building or add to your already flourishing aquarium or pond with vibrant fish including Discus, Cichlids, Tetras, Goldfish, and Koi. Rest assured that we take extra care in preparing, packaging and shipping your fish and focus on ensuring that you’ll receive fish that are alive and ready to be acclimated to their new aquarium or pond. The live arrival guarantee from The iFISH Store means that we have you covered in the unlikely event that one or more of your fish perish during shipping. For the best aquarium and pond fish for sale online, The iFISH Store has you covered!


The iFISH Store has been in business for over 20 years, providing our customers with excellent service, high-quality fish, and valuable information on owning and maintaining freshwater aquariums. Check out the Guides and Charts section of our site for valuable information on fish compatibility, specific fish species guides, and acclimation on our most popular fish.
•Acclimation Guide
•Freshwater Fish
•Compatibility Charts
•The Ultimate Guide to African Cichlids
•The Ultimate Guide to Discus Fish

The iFISH Store has been dedicated to contributing to and participating in relevant industry organizations to stay on top of current trends and support our trade. To that end, we are a proud member of relevant industry associations, including:
• The North American Discus Association (NADA)
• The American Cichlid Association (ACA)

We are proud of the reputation we have earned with our customers over the years and invite you to check out the feedback we have received from our customers. Here's what you can expect from The iFISH Store:
• High-Quality Fish
• Low Pricing
• Fast, Low-Cost Shipping
• Superior Customer Service


Aquarists make fish their hobby — they lovingly care for their fish, creating a thriving habitat, and The iFISH Store plays a small part in this journey. People put their confidence in our expertise, to raise healthy fish that arrive alive and are ready for their new aquarium — we take this very seriously.

The people who work at The iFISH Store prioritize the health of your aquarium and the fish that are within it. We’re here to assist every part of the way — from learning about freshwater fish and how to care for them to aquarium setup and maintenance. If you have questions, no matter how in-depth, we’ll take the time to provide you with the answers you need.


The iFISH Store has strong partnerships with the vendors we import fish from. Partners must meet our strict standards, and before we commit, we have a lengthy vetting process.

What do we consider?
• Documentation for responsible aquatic life collection
• Compliance with all laws and regulations in harvesting and exporting aquatic life
• In good standing with the International Air Transport Association (IATA)


Healthy and thriving fish only happen when their environment is set up for them to flourish. At The iFISH Store, we have an unmatched facility that oversees our freshwater aquarium and pond fish with state-of-the-art equipment and technology that fosters the best filtration, lighting, quarantine systems, and water movement to ensure the aquatic life you receive has a successful transition.

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You won’t find a better selection of freshwater and pond fish than The iFISH Store! Add compatible friends to your already growing aquarium, or start building your first tank filling it with fun and vibrant aquatic life. Shop The iFISH Store today!
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