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I am a retired Navy Veteran of 30+ years, and you have fully exceeded my expectations, beyond customer service, execution and product (fish).  I was like, buy fish online...sure right.  But once I started seeing pet stores receive boxes of fish and replenish their tanks, I was thought why can I not do this? So I came to The iFISH Store among this unprecedented time in our country (COVID) and ordered Discus fish (8).  I received an email from them on the 22 June 2020 (12:52 PM), saying your order was on its way. Next morning by10:30 AM they arrived. They were triple bagged for protection as well as with acclimation procedures.  I followed the acclimation instructions and placed them in my tank. By that night they seemed to still be a little skittish. Understandable since they just travelled in a dark box the night before and they had Jet lag...understandable and expected, however they began eating. The next morning still a little skittish, traveling in groups (school), from one side of the tank to the other and still eating. By Day 2, they were exploring the rest of the tank and swimming in their forever home. Day 3, their colors started coming to full form, Bright Yellow Golden, Marlboro Red, the Snake Skins and the Blue Diamonds are simply beautiful and mesmerizing.  I can not believe these are fresh water fish. They are the exotic colorful fish I have ever seen as fresh water.  Thank you IFISH Store for your customer service, taking pride in your packaging and taking pride in your products (fish).  You are truly making America Grateful again.  On another note - now I want to get another tank and order more from you - Thank you so much:):):)  - Alan H., Jacksonville, FL 

Received my discus this morning. I must tell you that you have the best, most professional systems I’ve ever seen. Not only are you accessible by phone, but you remain in touch, via email, with your customer. Shipping, and discus, were just as satisfying. Clean, well packaged box and styrofoam, and all discus individually bagged. Discus quality, health, and size, all exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making this a great experience. 
- Victor C., Pedricktown, NJ


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I received my fish today. I couldn't be happier with my order. I was hesitant to do an online order for fear that the fish would arrive sick or dead, but the 16 cichlids that I received today were BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for the amazing fish and being accommodating with my delivery for today. I will be a returning customer for sure!  - Nichole C., Freehold, NJ


I received my fish today and all arrived healthy and pretty active. I'm doing the break-in period now. Thanks for all your he;p. If you get any additional colors in the smaller size, send me an email and I will make a purchase. Your customer service is amazing and I appreciate what you did for me. - Ed M., Lansdale, PA


Fish arrived today in Martinsburg, WV. They're all in the tank now and doing well. They even started eating. For the 1st day, that is awesome! I will probably be ordering another batch soon. Very healthy looking fish. And thanks for the call back as well. Very professional, quality and caring seller! Thank you! - Jerry W., Martinsburg, WV


You all have exceeded my expectations. The fish appear NOT to have been hormone treated, thank God! Their overall appearance and body shape are very nice, surprisingly uniform with well-bred dispositions and are rather inquisitive and calm for such PYT's! Your packaging was excellent and a very positive sign...I feel eager and confident in doing business with your company in the near future. And again...thanks 'n God Bless y'all...and your pretty lil fishies too!! - Freddy P., Alamogordo, NM


This was a fantastic deal for Discus. We live in rural Montana and were a little skeptical about ordering online from so far away. You really changed my skepticism into positivism and we made a fairly large order. They checked in with us, checked weather, and did a great live fish packing job. All fish arrived healthy and adapted very quickly. We ordered small Tetras along with Discus and only one Tetra didn't adjust/survive re-introduction. Customer service was great. They always answered the phone or called back. I forgot to enter the coupon code after I already made the payment, I emailed and asked if they would honor it, and without question!!!...they refunded and honored the coupon. Where we live and to get the exceptional fish and service, we are going to be dedicated customers!!! Thank you to all the crew at The iFISH Store! - Matthew & Danielle, Darby, MT


My fish are healthy and happy,,,I already have them in their house. You guys are the best place ever. I'm 100% an iFISH Store customer for life. No ammonia smell in the bags, they were placed perfectly. You guys really know exactly what you're doing. I will be a loyal customer from this day forward. - Billy R., Berea, KY


A week later, I just wanted you to know that all 5 Discus are doing very well. They are already eating flakes, are engaged and exploring their environment, and fending for themselves against the established residents of this tank. It's been an all-around great experience. Thanks. - Dave C., Lockport, IL


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