Freshwater Fish Compatibility Charts

Whether you're thinking of adding a fish to an existing freshwater aquarium or planning for a completely new freshwater aquarium, there are plenty of aquatic life options to choose from: colorful Discus, gentle Swordtails, Koi, Angelfish, Eels, Barbs, Sharks and so many more.

However, there are several factors that determine whether or not each species is compatible or not, including:

  • Water temperature
  • Gender
  • Temperament
  • Diet
  • Size
  • Activity level
  • pH levels

In order to maintain a happy, healthy, friendly freshwater fish community, it's important to ensure compatibility. Use these handy guides to help you choose fish that can live together in harmony.

Freshwater Aquarium Fish Compatibility Chart
If you are considering adding African Cichlids to your aquarium, they are certainly a very colorful and hardy fish.  They can also be very aggressive freshwater fish not only with other potential tank mates as is shown in the general Freshwater Compatibility Chart above but also with each other.  There are thousands of species of African Cichlids and they are all territorial. Use the African Cichlid Compatibility Chart below as a guideline when choosing your Cichlid varieties.  By doing the proper research upfront, you can maintain a healthy diverse aquarium environment for the entire tank population.
African Cichlid Compatibility Chart
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