4 Helpful Snails for Your Next Freshwater Aquarium


The humble snail is perhaps nature’s most misunderstood creature. Shelled and slow-moving, we mostly associate snails with their unfortunate relationship to salt. But aquarium owners at the iFISH store in New York know the truth about snails: they’re essential to aquarium health. If you want to buy fish online, consider skipping the fins and going for slime. Here are four of nature’s best Mollusca.


Bladder Snail

The bladder snail is a small but mighty physidae that can hoover up algae and unwanted food particles from your freshwater fish tank. These snails are also tolerant of ludicrous pH levels and water temperatures, and they love cleaning the corners of your tank.


Nerite Snail

The nerite snail is best known for its insatiable hunger for algae, as it’s considered “top snail” when ranked by appetite. Online fish stores love pairing nerites with freshwater aquarium fish for this reason.


Ramshorn Snail

Making a beautiful addition to any marine fish tank, the ramshorn snail comes in unique colors and loves eating fish food, algae, and decaying plants. They’re simultaneous hermaphrodites, too, which means they can lay and fertilize their own eggs, so you can breed your own!



    Mystery Snail

    Mystery snails aren’t such a mystery to experienced aquarium owners, or to our online fish store. The mystery snail is compatible with a variety of aquariums and other marine fish. If you’re setting up your first fish tank, consider a mystery snail to clean and sanitize your tank!

    When you buy fish online, consider who your fish are going to share a tank with. The benefits of snails are well-known to our online fish store but might seem silly to beginners. Buy fish from The iFISH Store today and give your snails a new roommate.

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