Tetra | White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Tetra | White Cloud Mountain Minnow

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(Please note that the fish shown in the photo is only a representative of what an adult specimen would look like. The color may vary based on the age and sex of the fish you receive.)

Scientific Name: Tanichthys albonubes 

Common Name: White Cloud

Adult Size: 2 inches

Life Expectancy: 7 years

Habitat:  White Cloud Mountains in China 

Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons

Ideal Tank Conditions: 

  • Temperature Range: 62 - 74°F
  • pH Range: 6.8
  • Water Hardness: 4 - 18

    Temperament: Peaceful

    Diet & Nutrition: Flake food and blood worms are a good diet for the minnow. Likes live food such as mosquito larvae. Will keep the mosquito larvae down in outside ponds. 

    Breeding & Spawning: Spawns and lays eggs which will be laid a few at a time. The fry will be hatching as more eggs are being laid. Like to spawn in java moss or similar plants. 

    Gender: The male is more colorful than the female. The male is more slender than the female. 

    Compatible Tank Mates: See Compatibility Chart

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