African Cichlid | Venustus

African Cichlid | Venustus

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Scientific Name: Nimbochromis Venustus 

Common Name: Venustus, Giraffe Cichlid

Adult Size: 10 inches

Life Expectancy: 10 Years

Habitat: East African Lake Malawi

Minimum Tank Size: 55 Gallons

Ideal Tank Conditions: 

  • Temperature Range: 77°F-84°F
  • pH Range: 7.5-8.8
  • Hardness Range: 12-30°

    Temperament: Usually not aggressive towards species other than its own. Males are very territorial and will generally kill any other male venustus. 

    Diet & Nutrition:  Insects, flake food, pellets, fresh vegetables such as peas, romaine lettuce and spinach. 

    Breeding & Spawning: Venustus are maternal mouth-brooders. Males become very competitve at sexual maturity and will kill other males of their species. A ratio of 1 male to 4 females is ideal. 

    Gender: The males are larger and have a blue head. 

    Compatible Tank Mates: See Compatibility Chart

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