How to Increase Water Circulation in Your Aquarium

Whether you have beta fish or a specially-made saltwater tank, creating circulation in your aquarium is vital for the health of your tank and your fish. At The iFISH Store, we provide a huge selection of fish and fish supplies online to diversify your fish species and help you build the perfect aquarium. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced aquarium builder, developing a current in your aquarium is vital to the health of your tank, so here are four tips to help you increase water circulation in your freshwater or saltwater tank! 


When it comes to picking the right fish tank filters for your aquarium, different filters have different flow rates. If you have a need for a higher current, make sure that the filter you are looking at has a flow rate that supports your needs. For live fish online to improve the diversity of your habitat, shop with The iFISH Store today!

Air Pump and Air Stone

While these fish tank accessories do not traditionally increase current, the bubbles released by these accessories increase gas exchange. If you are curious about how these can improve the health of your tank, reach out to us today!

Water Pump

Water pumps are the perfect option for circulating water without producing a strong current. They are perfect for even water circulation and in cases where the fish do not require a strong current. If you have any questions about the requirements of the fish that we sell, reach out to us today!

Create Current

Utilizing powerheads and wavemakers can create current in your tank. Powerheads are perfect for river habitats while wavemakers can help circulate water around your tank in reef habitats. If you are looking for beautiful and elegant fish to improve your tank, shop our collection of fish today.

These four fish tank accessories can help to increase water circulation in your aquarium. Whether you are looking for live fish for sale online or fish tank accessories to improve your habitat, The iFISH Store has a wide selection for you to choose from! Check out our store or reach out to us today to learn more about increasing water circulation in your tank.

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