Care Guide for GloFish

GloFish are a great species of fish to invest in due to their glowing colors and temperament. At The iFISH Store, we carry a wide range of GloFish varying in colors for your convenience, and we want to help give you some tips and tricks for how to care for your GloFish. Our experienced and capable team is more than capable of handling any questions that come their way regarding caring for GloFish and what you need to purchase for your fish.

Use a Power Outlet Timer

Although you will need a blue light in your GloFish tank, it should not be kept on at all hours of the day! GloFish sleep at night, and it is pertinent not to disrupt this cycle. We recommend keeping the light on for half the day, as to keep algae growth away. A power outlet timer will do the trick!

Invest In a Heater

GloFish are a species of freshwater fish that thrive in warm water, and if you do not buy a proper heater, they will not be comfortable or able to survive long-term. If you are interested in learning about approximate temperatures to keep your GloFish in, contact our team today and we can assist you!

Purchase Nutritious Foods

GloFish are not known to need a particular type of food, nor do they need to avoid anything. However, like any other fish species, GloFish will do best with a variety of nutritious foods, and we recommend switching out the kinds of food they eat every so often.

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Caring For GloFish has a few specifications you should follow, but all-in -all, they are a great species of fish to buy, and are unique and mesmerizing to look to the eye. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you!

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